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Scarlett O'Hara Red Lipstick

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Dawes Custom Cosmetics dramatic red is highly pigmented and show stopping! Don't be afraid to turn heads, turn up the voltage, and be the protagonist of your own life story with this knockout shade whose cool tone will make your teeth look whiter and is flattering on all skin tones. A classic creme base lipstick with a moisturizing finish, gentle vanilla and mint scent and flavor. It’s amazing how much more confident something so small can make us feel, even if we didn’t feel that way before; you don’t need confidence to wear this color; it does it for you. 


  • For ultimate wear; line lips fully and layer the custom matte lipstick under the polish gloss
  • Do your eye makeup after putting on the red lipstick to create a more balanced look as you’ll have a better idea of how light or dark you want to go with your eye.


Dawes Custom Cosmetics are made by hand and not by machine in the USA, with luxurious ingredients that contain a blend of natural oils and vitamins. We use certified organic and natural ingredients wherever possible. We may elect to formulate with a synthetic and/or non-organic ingredient if the natural ingredient proves to be from an animal source, non viable, or to maintain product integrity and stability. Cruelty-free; so you can feel good about your makeup and shop conscientiously and guilt free.

Click here for full details. Many products are vegan-friendly.


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