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Emily in Paris Red, Pink and Nude Mini Lipstick Trio

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Emily in Paris Mini Lipstick Trio! Includes a signature red lipstick, flattering nude, and sophisticated pink lipstick. Inspired by the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris and the statement signature red lipstick she wears. These luxurious, cruelty-free, convenient, sophisticated lipsticks embody all the glamour of Paris even down to their scents and flavors. Exclusively by Dawes Custom Cosmetics.

What's cuter than lipstick? Mini lipsticks! Made for the fashionable woman on the go and jet setters alike. Sleek and chic black and silver packaging sets these mini's apart from our full size collection. 

Emily in Paris Lipstick Trio (all mini's)

1.  Emily in Paris Red Lipstick Mini: Up the glamour day or night with this statement matte red lipstick. A glamorous ruby toned red with plant waxes and vitamin E.  The cool undertones make it a universally flattering shade while making teeth appear whiter. Bathe your lips with the long lasting, highly pigmented color. A subtle mint flavor and vanilla scent will make you ready for sipping wine and all the romantic dinners!

2. Gabriel Nude Mini Lipstick: a pale pink nude, that's soft, feminine and looks good on all skin tones. A luxurious matte lipstick with crème brûlée flavor and vanilla scent evoke all the Parisian café vibes Emily's so known for visiting.

3. Mindy Pink Mini Lipstick: A super sexy, fun, floral pink lipstick that evokes strolling around the rose lined, narrow, cobbled streets in Paris, Parisian glamour and sophistication. The moisturize rich crème vegan lipstick lets you flaunt your feminine side. The pink champagne flavor and Parisian rose scent is as close to Paris as you can get without actually being there. 



Dawes Custom Cosmetics are made in the USA with luxurious ingredients that contain a blend of natural oils and vitamins. We use certified organic and natural ingredients wherever possible. We may elect to formulate with a synthetic ingredient if the natural ingredient proves to be from an animal source, non viable, or to maintain product integrity and stability. Cruelty-free; so you can feel good about your makeup and shop conscientiously and guilt free.

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