Custom Lipsticks and Lip Glosses 

Why Dawes Custom Cosmetics Custom Lipstick and Glosses

Dawes Custom Cosmetics has spent extensive time sourcing and experimenting with cruelty free ingredients to create the perfect shades and textures that can be customized by you into custom lipsticks and custom lip glosses just for you. Our unique formulas will save you the agro of wasting time and money trying to find the right shade or texture for you.

Las Vegas Custom Lipstick Experience

Create memories of a lifetime and with a unique Vegas experience by booking our Custom Lipstick Experience at the custom Lip Lab Las Vegas which adds fun and a unique, lux touch to your special Vegas occasion or Vegas party. Where you and your guests become part of the interactive makeup creation process to create your custom lipstick or gloss during your custom lipstick party Las Vegas.

We customize your lip color; to compliment your coloring, outfit, mood, or whatever takes your fancy, your choice of scent, flavor, and lip care options before finally naming it! Don't worry; we'll help you with decisions! 

Custom Lipstick Worldwide Not  Just in Vegas

We offer Virtual Custom Lipstick Appointments which you can do anywhere in the world, as well as a ready-to-wear collection with more customization options than you’ll find anywhere else!

Online you can customize our best selling lipsticks and lip glosses by choosing one of the 600 possible combinations of base, scent, flavor and enhancement to make something truly your own. Our best seller is our Miracle Hydrating Lip Gloss

Dawes Custom Cosmetics is all about elevating and enhancing your lipstick or gloss to give you a custom lip color that you won't ever want to be without.

For more details about making your own custom lipstick see our About page.

Custom Lipstick Benefits

You can have peace of mind knowing that our cruelty-free ingredients are so gentle they’re recommended by a triple-board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon and made of the highest quality botanically infused mineral ingredients.

Custom lipstick and custom makeup saves you time and money finding the right color, as we’re creating with you, specifically and exclusively for you. 

Reordering your custom lipstick, gloss or eyeshadow is easy. Once you’ve created your custom lipstick with us we set up a client profile with your formula so you can reorder at anytime. Don’t worry, you’re still free to order whatever else you’d like from the site and customize that too.

Cosmetics that use only cruelty-free, luxury ingredients

We use only Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free ingredients and mineral colors that have more coverage, that don’t smell like cosmetics, and use packaging that’s sleek and glamorous. After all, we are based in the most glamorous and exciting city in the world, Las Vegas. 

  • Online: The cosmetic colors and custom lipsticks and glosses we offer have been selected after countless experiments with colors and in-person testing to find not only the best color, but best coverage, textures, scent and for our pre-made seasonal limited edition colors, the essence combinations. 
  • In Person: With over 50 pigments, stains, frosts, and foils, the colors we can create with you are endless. You can be as conservative or creative as you like and create a custom lipstick as sheer or as full-bodied as you’d like.

Custom Lipstick Options

Your custom lipstick options include your choice of: Finish (all of our bases contain moisturizing botanicals, vitamin E, SPF8, and no chemicals that can dry your lips out), color, frost or foil, scent, essence (flavor) and lip care enhancements. Plus you get to name it so get your creative thinking cap on!

Ready to Wear Online Custom Lipstick: Once you've chosen your lipstick color and base, these add-ons are shown as add-ons in the drop down menus.

Virtual Custom Lipstick: create your custom lipstick from anywhere in the world you have internet connection!

In Person Custom Lipstick: Once your lip color is mixed you can choose any combination of the below to further enhance and customize your custom lipstick or lip-gloss. All of them are natural and oil based.

Custom Lipstick Enhancements That Add TLC:

These further enhance and customize your lipstick or lip-gloss to fit your needs, whether that's more moisture, SPF, lip plumping, or anti-aging.  

  • Moisture & Shine- Made from a rich blend of Avocado, grape seed, Jojoba & botanical oils, this blend is rich in anti-oxidants. Great for dry climates, cold weather, sun parched lips, or dry lips. No more chapped lips. We recommend this for matte based lipsticks or when you want a sheerer look.
  • Lip Plump Additive- Our lip plumper is our most popular add on! A lip plumper that improves the appearance of your lips volume, fine lines and makes lips feel more hydrated. 

 In a clinical study where women applied the patented peptide 3 times a day for 29 days the results were: 

  • 40% increase in lip volume
  • 60% improvement in lip hydration
  • 70% increase in lip softness
  • 100% improvement in lip condition
  •  29% reduction in surface folds and creases

Yes please!

Custom Lipstick Flavor and Scent Options

These irresistible flavors and scents further enhance and customize your custom lipstick. Go ahead and play around; choose one or create delicious blends, feel free to get as creative as you like. Think Girl Scout Thin Mint, Vanilla Nut Latte, Chocolate Covered Cherry. 

NB: The flavors will only add flavor, not scent. If you'd like a scent (which we recommend), select an essence or an essence and a flavor. Different flavors and scents offered seasonally.


  • Cinnamon- a delicious, tingly flavor derived from cinnamon sticks. Tip: Ideal for Christmas reds, perfect for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.
  • Cherries Jubilee-get fruity with the flavor of cherries. Tip: Mix with the chocolate scent to make chocolate covered cherries.
  • Raspberry Truffle- this decadent flavor will remind you of chocolate mousse cake with a raspberry glaze without the calories.
  • Pink Champagne-Make your party sparkle; this tastes like strawberries floating in champagne, perfect for special occasions.
  • Crème Brulee – silky custard topped with caramelized sugar flavor. So good, you'll want to eat it (but please don't).
  • Carrot cake – Eve's personal favorite. This exudes the spicy aroma of fresh baked carrot cake for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Hazelnut- With a rich nutty taste of hazelnuts this is great for all the nut lovers out there. Tip: mix with cappuccino essence to create a hazelnut latte.
  • Mint Julep – This refreshing, tingly, flavor of sprigs of mint makes for a lip color he'll want to keep kissing. (Avoid during pregnancy)
  • Lime 'N' Da Coconut – Every vacation color should be made with this. Evoking memories of vacation, with the flavor of a freshly squeezed lime coconut treat. Think Key Lime Pie or a Caribbean drink. Tip: If you're going on a beach vacation be sure to order your color with this and SPF.
  • Peach Sorbet-The luscious taste of ripe Georgia peaches. Tip: Custom blend with the vanilla essence.
  • Mimosa – How every brunch should start! A refreshingly light and calming cocktail of grapefruit and tangerine. Cheers! Tip: Custom blend with the citrus essence.
  • Sambuca-Let's get the party started! This smooth licorice flavor with a medley of botanicals is all the flavor with none of the hangover.


  • Exotic Spice- a spicy blend of lavender, patchouli, coriander, ylang, rose, and other botanicals. Let your mind drift far away.
  • Citrus – a citrus blend containing orange mimosa (great if you or the person you're gifting is sensitive to smell)
  • Vanilla – a predominant vanilla bouquet  (great if you or the person you're gifting is sensitive to smell)
  • Chocolate – a smell for chocoholics! This milk chocolate scent can be added alone or get creative and mix with other flavors for a delicious blend.
  • Cappuccino –made from natural coffee beans, this has a rich coffee aroma.
  • Parisian Rose – our secret bottom note punctuates this soft rose essence. Tip: Add with the pink champagne for a luxurious scent and flavor.

Limited Editions Lipsticks

At times we will offer limited edition lipsticks and lip glosses that truly capture and embody the season or holiday. Made with the same rigorous standards and ingredients and evoking all of the best of that time from the color to the scent and flavor.

We can also take custom lipstick orders for bridal parties, bridesmaids gifts, charity events, corporate events and branding, etc so please contact us to get creating with us today! 

Reordering Your Custom Lipstick and Makeup

We keep a record of your custom blend lipstick or makeup on your client profile to make reordering your custom lipstick or gloss at anytime quick and easy for you. 

Create a client profile.