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Virtual Custom Lipstick Appointment Via Video Call

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Create your custom lipstick online with a virtual custom lipstick (or gloss) appointment! A unique experience that's all about YOU! We know you might not live in Vegas or have the time to come to the lipstick lab. The virtual custom lipstick experience is for those who aren't in Vegas, or would rather create via FaceTime from the convenience of their own home or office. Wherever you are in the World, you can still create your exclusive custom blend lipstick with a Dawes Custom Cosmetics Custom Lipstick appointment. Whether it's for yourself or you want to host a custom lipstick party from anywhere in the World.

Your custom lipstick online creation includes:                      

  • Your bespoke custom color lipstick or lip gloss formulation
  • Your choice of finish 
  • Your choice of scent
  • Your choice of flavor 
  • Naming your exclusive lipstick or lipgloss
  • Your unique formulas will be saved for quick and easy reordering online

You may purchase and create as many custom lipsticks or glosses with us during your virtual custom lipstick appointment as you like. Custom lipstick parties are great for wedding and bridal parties, your wedding day, bachelorettes, matching your favorite discontinued lipstick or new outfit, or a thoughtful gift.

Learn more about our custom blending experience.

Book your experience now or feel free to Contact us and let’s get planning! We know you’re going to love this unique custom experience:

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2 Reviews

Belinda Maguire Christopher Sep 18th 2019

Bespoke Custom Lipstick Color for Destination Fabulous

Destination Fabulous, a local Las Vegas destination management/event planning company, celebrated our fifth year is business in 2019. We decided to do something bespoke to commemorate the occassion and decided a custom lipstick was a fabulous idea for client gifts. We came up with the "befabulous" custom lipstick name and Dawes Cosmetics created the unique color. Befabulous is a glamorous red lipstick that makes a statement and turns heads! We couldn't be more pleased with the product and our customers love it! If you are looking for a unique and curated experience - look no further than Dawes Cosmetics. I know we will certainly be utilizing their services again!

Lacie Hillesheim Nov 5th 2018

The perfect product for me.

I finally am IN LOVE with a lipstick. After all these years of buying products that never fully suited my needs, I finally found the perfect solution. Thank you Dawes Cosmetics for making a cruelty, crap free product that actually looks and feels amazing!

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