How is Custom Lipstick Made? Watch Dawes Custom Cosmetics in Action

What is a Custom Lip Bar Experience?

Custom lipstick is still new and Dawes Custom Cosmetics is the first and only custom lipstick bar in Las Vegas. If you're looking for a fabulous, girly, unique Vegas experience this is it. You can book appointments to create your custom lipstick, gloss, or eyeshadow either via Facetime anywhere in the World, at their Las Vegas salon, or on-location in Las Vegas. The custom craze is already popular in New York, LA and Vegas is the party capital of the World so it only makes sense to offer it to individuals and parties for celebrations here. Plus you can add on Sin City Cupcakes (alcoholic or virgin) and professional hair and makeup so you're looking and feeling fabulous if you're headed out or if you're staying in, either way you're flawless for the gram and real life ;)

Dawes Custom Cosmetics Founder Eve Dawes making custom lipstick

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The full custom lipstick explanation:

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 The Short Custom Lipstick Bar Overview

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