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Glamour & Gains PodcastWelcome to Glamour & Gains lifestyle podcast, for those that want to be the best version of themselves. I cover the latest fashion, curated cruelty-free beauty, health tips and luxury travel through a glamorous lens, minus the BS in short action based episodes you can listen to while doing your makeup, driving, or at the gym.

Don't worry, it's not just me! I interview the world's leading founders, influencers and leaders, who share their knowledge in realistic, actionable tips that encompass all aspects of life to help you live fulfilling, balanced lives and to reach your full potential. A podcast to be your source for inspiration and style.

I know everyone likes to get their media fix in different ways, so you can read or listen to every article posted on the Glamour & Gains blog in any of the ways linked below. I'm always looking for new interview ideas so feel free to drop me an email or DM me on Instagram and if the ideas a good fit I'll research and cover it and give you a shout out. 

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I want to help you get set up for long term success with your goals and health and put your dreams into action. See you on the gram and don't be a stranger!

About Your Host & Dawes Custom Cosmetics Founder

Eve Dawes is a fitness professional, WBFF Pro Diva, NASM & REPS certified trainer, Founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics a natural, cruelty-free cosmetic line and