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We interview the world's leading founders, influencers and leaders to share their knowledge in realistic, actionable tips that encompass all aspects of life to help you live fulfilling, balanced lives and to reach your full potential.   

Eve Dawes is the founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics, a cruelty-free, USA made line of custom lip colors, custom lipsticks, custom lipglosses and Vegas makeup experiences perfect for Vegas weddings and Vegas bachelorette or birthday parties. A WBFF Pro and Mrs. England World 2020.


Beauty Tips For Your Next Big Event

How to Get Healthier Hair

How to Make Your Tan Last Longer

Cruelty-free tips for keeping your tan looking fresh and lasting as long as possible.

Top 5 Travel Beauty Products

The Best Anti-Aging Face Masks Ingredients to look for and cruelty-free anti-aging mask suggestions.

Best Budget Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

With Financial blogger Lynn James aka Mrs. Mummypenny.

Alexa Skills Beauty News - How to Get The Most Out of Your Sunscreen

Glamour & Gains is also available as a free Alexa skill. Just search for beauty skills in Alexa online and add the skill via your Alexa profile.

How to Make Makeup Last Beat the Heat and Humidity

With these pro makeup tips from makeup artist Jessica Resendez. A Las Vegas makeup artist she's used to having to create looks that last and will survive the Vegas heat.

How to Make 1 Shade of Foundation Work For Most of The Year

Save money with these cruelty-free foundation hacks.

Ideas For A Healthier Date Night

8 Reasons Diets Don't Work

How to Minimize and Prevent Cellulite Naturally

Your Ultimate Food Prep Guide Time to plan!

Why meal prepping is genius, saves time, money and your waist-line! Why to food prep, how to plan meals in advance, how to cook and prep quickly, healthy recipes, and more.

Meditation: The What, Why and How?

With Simone Allison (Empowerment Coach & International Best Selling Author of 'Disempowered No More'. there's a lot of content in this episode! You can read the full Meditation: What, How and Why blog post over on Glamour and Gains By Eve.

Blessed Not Stressed

I dropped the ball this week juggling too many things but in this episodes ramblings, I share how I deal with the insanity with a couple of key quotes and focusing on appreciation.

Natural Metabolism Boosters

Kickstart your metabolism everyday with these natural metabolism boosters. No miracle pills, just real foods and real talk on Glamour and Gains podcast. Read the full blog post

How to Create Abundance in Your Life With International Best Seller Paul Edwards.

How you approach one area of your life is how you approach all areas of your life and we can reframe our thoughts for positive outcomes, abundance, and balance.


How to Make Changes in Your Life in 3 Steps

How to Improve Your Posture

Healthier Happy Hour Alternatives All the fun minus the guilt.

How and Why to Make Fitness A Priority Wherever You Are

On this episode, we're talking about staying fit while traveling as a lot of us work on the road and are really busy as business owners, so it's all about how and why to make fitness a priority in your everyday life, making sure you’re prepared on the road, and you have these great habits you can count on.

Short and Effective Total Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Total Body Workout 1 No Equipment Needed

Total Body Workout 2

Total Body Workout 3 

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