​How To Stop Your Lipstick Transferring?

Top Tips & Tricks For Making Your Lipstick Last

While some lipsticks with chemicals or drier formulations are better at being transfer resistant, we’d rather suck up a little transference than put chemicals on our faces and into our bodies. As long as the color lasts and no animals were harmed, we’re happy. Also, the more moisture in a lipstick, the more it’ll transfer, that doesn't necessarily mean you're losing color or your lipstick won't last as long; if it's highly pigmented, the color will still last. We’d rather have hydrated lips and a little color transfer than crusty, prematurely aged looking lips that are drier than the Sahara desert.

We can't guarantee miracles or zero transfer but these few easy tricks will help minimize transference for cleaner glassware and happier kissing partners:

1. Start with a lip primer 

You wouldn’t paint a wall without it so think of your face and lips the same way and start with a smooth canvas. Besides creating a smooth base, the primer will help the lipstick last longer and help prevent transference.

2. When applying foundation, use it on your lips too

It’ll give the lipstick a good base to stick to and make the color appear more saturated.

3. Before applying lip color, fully line your lips with a lip liner

Even better fill in the lips completely as the slightly dry texture will help your lipstick adhere. Besides helping prevent it transferring, it also tends to stop lipstick bleeding and helps to make it last longer. This is especially important with hydrating, plant wax based formulas, to prevent feathering as the moisture can cause it to slide. Check out this cruelty-free,long lasting, waterproof lip pencil that is self-sharpening! 

4. After applying your lipstick, blot lightly with tissue 

Enough to take off excess and slightly press the color in without removing it. Then dust your lips with a compact or translucent powder to set your lipstick before finally re-applying another layer of the lipstick.

5. Don't reapply lipstick directly before eating or drinking

Wait until after, it’s only going to fade during eating and drinking anyway.

6. If it really bothers you, look for matte formulas

Due to their lower moisture content they will transfer less, but all natural formulas with lots of moisturizing ingredients will always transfer.