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Power in Purple Empress Lip Gloss

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Power in Purple Empress lip gloss is a vegan, high impact, glamorous frosted lip gloss created to raise awareness and donate proceeds to the American Cancer Society and Power in Purple campaign. This highly pigmented gloss is a beautiful Imperial purple/magenta shade (not scary Halloween color) with stunning deep color and is more intense than Lead The Way Power in Purple gloss. Made with a rich blend of nut oils and green tea, it is the darker of the 2 Power in Purple Lip glosses making it perfect for those that love color or for the evening. 

Add some color and flavor to your life! The subtle cherries jubilee flavor and chocolate scent will have you addicted to this cancer kicking lip gloss.

Why Purple? Purple is the color of all Cancer survivors. Join us in the fight against cancer! 

20% of every purchase of ‘Power In Purple' limited edition collection will be donated to the campaign to benefit The American Cancer Society.  Learn more about the Power in Purple Campaign or donate directly.

Let's support the American Cancer Society and kick cancer together. I’m sure you know someone personally that’s been affected. Help me create a world free of cancer:




Dawes Custom Cosmetics are made in the USA with luxurious ingredients that contain a blend of natural oils and vitamins. We use certified organic and natural ingredients wherever possible. We may elect to formulate with a synthetic ingredient if the natural ingredient proves to be from an animal source, non viable, or to maintain product integrity and stabilityCruelty-free; so you can feel good about your makeup and shop conscientiously and guilt free. Click here for ingredient details. 


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1 Review

Jennifer Walsh Jan 13th 2019

care for my lips and the community!

I purchased this product after learning about it during an event for the American Cancer Society. Knowing this organization values the same charitable organizations that I do sparked my interest. Upon shopping and learning these products are not only cruelty free, but also vegan; I became an instant customer. I purchased two of the gloss colors. I am a girl who likes a darker lip and was pleased with the color saturation of this gloss, it was deep and rich color that goes on without the sticky feeling of some lip glosses. The scent of the lip gloss was a subtle sweetness! the gloss tube is large and several ounces to last me a good long time!

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